Another Spring Student Shows Poster Draft Design

A little bit more refined than the last version. Definitely a better background picture.

Finally I finished my drypoint

Printed with metallic silver ink on arches buff.

draft poster design for spring student shows

I'm kinda diggin the design but the background image needs to be shot with this design in mind.

working on a new screen printed poster

inspired by Cristiana Couceiro

more info on Cristiana Couceiro

study for my next painting

Final Details of 9 Burrs Lane

pretty much done

Just needs a few finishing touches.

blind contour watch in color

blind contour Leica

blind contour watch

being sick sucks

a new watercolor

The first lapse

Ok, I missed the last two days. I want to say I have an excuse, but ultimately it doesn't matter. I just need to get back on the horse and keep drawing. Here is an image I create for a friend who is talking at a conference at a nearby church.

Sketchbook 1/13/10


This may not be a drawing, but I definitely believe that laying out my wife's resume is a creative act that deserves the same value as creating a drawing.

sketchbook1/11/2010 - Map

sketchbook 1/10/2010 - Birdflew

sketchbook 1/9/2010

more dry point progress again

more progress on the dry point but not nearly finished

Still working on it

Here is the current view of my piece and a nice detail as well.

Whimsical Drypoint

Here is a collage that I'm turning into a drypoint print for my printmaking class. The second image is the part I have already started to transfer onto the plate.

more work

work in progress


The Alphabet in Action

I just created the cover for a book created by my printmaking class. You can purchase it on Lulu if you like. Here is the link: The Alphabet in Action

9 Burrs Lane, Providence, RI

Resurrection in 2010

I only made it to April last year, but this year I hope to at least go until august, if not all year. We will see.