Screen shot of working on the backside of the flyer

a fairly finished front side of the flyer

drag racing flyer in process

sketchbook stuff

Rough draft of the flyer sans copy

layout thumbnails for a flyer

more work on this one

Can't remember if I posted this before, but at least the separations are new.

Here is the spring student show poster I will be screen printing with my printmaking class. I think I might have posted it before, but here it is anyway. I will be xeroxing the black and white and then we will print the blue and yellow.
Here is how the separations look.

more studies for 3313

Slacker . . . lets go! Man up!

I've missed a few days now and I was reflecting on why I have been slacking. I thought at first that I just wasn't feeling in the creative mood, but then I wondered what I would say to a student who might say the same thing. I would say, toughen up, you've got a deadline, so make it work. I don't care if you're not feeling creative, the more you make the more creative you will feel. I might soften my tone a bit, but that is the gist. I need to take my own advice. I promise you , all of my fictional readers, I will catch back up.

a little color today

More logo ideas, but hand drawn

more logos

It may seem . . .

like I've missed a few days, but really I've just missed posting what I've been creating. I promise I will catch up.

working on a logo/t-shirt design

valentines card for the wife

more work on setting up the studio

no new drawing today, but i did rearrange my studio

here's the more I promised from before

forgot to post this yesterday as I left it at school. More on this later today.

doodle part 2

just a doodle