another draft of my resume

is a horizontal format too different or just different enough?

sketching on the computer today

A new resume layout idea in process

another step on the collage

A test palte and print to gage the proper time in the acid

A reprint of a plate I etched in college

A prezi I created today for my newest digital media class project

one more reprint of an old solar plate, but this one is in blue

Setting up the All Student Art Show

The final image

More process pictures of last week's church iamge

Preliminsary sketches for an image for church last week

A reprint of an older woodblock cut

reprints of some old solar plates

more work on the Warhol project examples

One properly registered and one not.

header image for a new website

A new collage about my 2001 Italy trip

Still in process and will probably turn into a solar print when I'm finished.

making a sample for a Warhol style screen printing proj.

Working on a project at the request of my wife

Having a hard time getting back in the groove.

You may have continued to notice a lack of posting here which highlights my difficulty of getting back into the creating groove. I will be working to fix that today and tomorrow. In the mean time, here is the first post for April. Its an example for my printmaking class of a Andy Warhol style portrait.