working on something bigger

new solar plate print

new sketches

creating images for an Andy Warhol portrait for my printmaking class

Image for Passover

here is the image I created to illustrate the passover story for church

magenta, cyan and black

yellow is done

The screen is ready

the screen is ready for the junior art exhibit poster. This poster will have four colors, but I will only need one screen as it uses the same image over and over again. Don't worry, you'll see.

The design for another screen print

I've been teaching my printmaking students how to screen print using the last design and they are doing pretty well. I will have more pictures of that tomorrow. Here is the design for my next screen print. The juniors at my school don't get their own show, just a group show, so I thought I might make them a show poster. The colors of the screen print will be more translucent then these here which should make the post even more rich.

started the first color

the screens are ready!

The design for my next screen print

the exposed screen

working on a screen print for school

also with a custom envelop

The finished thank you note

Trouble with posting

I've been having trouble moblogging images from my phone lately, so it seems I'm not blogging or working, but it is quite the contrary. I will manually be getting some of the back images up today.

Trying to make up for my slacking

Working on a thank you card

New work